Delhi Police Issued A Total Of 3282 Challans For Traffic Violations

Delhi traffic police Challan on Holi 2021

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Delhi traffic police Challan on Holi 2021

Delhi traffic police challan on Holi: Due to the festival of Holi, the Delhi Police has taken strict steps due to which many challans have been cut. According to the Delhi Police, the people of Delhi drive vehicles on the road against the rules and this is the reason why the festival of Holi simply causes many Invoices to have been truncated.

Delhi Police on Holi festival deducted a total of 3282 challans for traffic violations. Of these, 1255 people did not wear helmets. The police have invoiced them.

As we all know that it is very important for everyone to follow the traffic rules and in view of this, the Delhi Police has taken a strong step because the Delhi Police does not want that something on the day of the festival does not happen. Because of this, we have to be embarrassed later and for this reason, the Delhi Police took steps and cut a lot of challans.

On the day of Holi, there are many people who cut a lot of hoods, that is why 4 to 5 people sit on a bike and do not follow the traffic rules, as well as many people also drink cars which drive traffic. It is against the rules and in view of this, Delhi Police cut a lot of challans.

on the day of Holi festival police have challenged 70 people travelling by sitting on three riders on the bike. Police have deducted 100 challans for drunk driving and 121 for dangerous driving.




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