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HSRP Delhi High Security Number Plate For Old Vehicle In Delhi

Today we’re talking about something very important HSRP Delhi High-Security Number Plate For Old Vehicle In Delhi to be precise especially because they’ve been made mandatory since October and a lot of people have had to pay substantial amounts of fines because their vehicle did not have a high-security plate and a color-coded sticker.

so we’ll talk all about them today um first things first

 What Is A High-Security Number Plate?

HSRP Delhi High Security Number Plate For Old Vehicle In Delhi

High-security number plates also known as HSRP made of aluminum are fixed to the vehicle using two non-reusable locks in the top left, a hot-stamped chromium-based hologram with the Ashoka Chakra on it. The dimensions of the hologram are 20 by 20 mm

On the lower-left corner of the plate, there is a 10-digit identification number, laser engraved on the reflective sheet, the numbers and letters on the number plate, all with hot-stamped film on which India Has an inscription 45-degree angle.

Why has the government made HSRPs and color-coded stickers mandatory?

A very simple reason behind this is security, now the thing is that the standard number plate is easy to remove and easy to switch on and it becomes a problem if the stolen car is now running with a high-security number plate, then all the important details about the car Engine Number of Chassis Number This is all stored in a centralized database which the police can access through a 10-digit Unique Identification Number

Another problem that these plates solve is standardization, before HSRP came along, people could use different fonts and styles of writing, now they all have the same format, so number plates are easier to read. Even if it is from a short distance.

Now HSRP Delhi and color-coded stickers can be approved only by an authorized dealership, the company from where you have purchased your vehicle, or even by private sellers approved by the authority. These are issued only if the owner has the engine and chassis number. Provides details like that only owners can access and that’s what improves the safety of our vehicles, now what are they and why are they mandatory now

 How Can You Get HSRP And How Much Does It Cost To Purchase Them

So for two-wheeler owners, the price for a high protection plate for four-wheelers is around Rs 400, it can go up to Rs 1100 depending on the vehicle category, the government approved dedicated for owners in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Website called BookmyHSRP

It is a fairly simple process on which you log on you fill in your details about the car registration number when was booked date of sale personal details like your address and also a registered mobile number which means that You will also be informed about your status HSRP and stickers,

You will be prompted to choose a dealership near you and schedule an appointment so that you can have your high-security plate repaired by the dealership, or in some cities, you can even get it home delivered.

Now Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have a dedicated website, but for other states, the process is not as comprehensive yet, but the easiest way to get it is from an authorized dealership or your local RTO. Now the HSRP can be fitted to the vehicles sold. Have to go Before April 2019 because the new ones already fit with them.

If you have a vehicle with a high-security plate but don’t have a color-coded sticker, you can get it for just a hundred rupees, but do so because the fine for not having the HSRP or color-coded sticker on your vehicle is ten thousand but at present, it has been reduced to Rs.5500.

Official Website Link

Frequently Asked Questions

The world has been changing rapidly, and the same can be said about modern-day vehicles. Vehicle technology has evolved at a rapid pace, and a large part of that evolution has been in the field of vehicle security. Vehicle security has evolved a great deal in recent years, and HSRP Delhi High-Security Number Plates are a great example of this. These special number plates are designed to provide maximum vehicle security.

Delhi is the capital of India and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It is also a city of great diversity, with people from all over India and the world calling it home. In a city like Delhi, vehicles are a great way to get from A to B, and owning a vehicle can often be a great experience. However, owning a vehicle in Delhi comes with its own set of challenges.

What are the charges for HSRP in Delhi?

The HSRP price for a two wheeler can be Rs 400; The price for four wheelers can go up to Rs 1,100 depending on the category of the vehicle. If the vehicle already has HSRP then colour-coded stickers can be installed for Rs 100.

Can I get up HSRP in Delhi?

“Currently people in Gurugram can get HSRP for vehicles registered in Delhi, UP and Himachal Pradesh,” he said, adding that the idea is to allow people to get HSRP anywhere in the country irrespective of the place of vehicle registration.

What is the last date for HSRP number plate in Delhi?

The last date for HSRP registration for Delhi city is April 15, 2022. Anyone found driving his vehicle without HSRP plate will have to pay a hefty fine.

Is HSRP mandatory for old vehicles?

The UP government has made it mandatory for old vehicles to have HSRP. The UP government has issued a new SOP regarding the deadline. As per the new SOP, old vehicles in UP should stick HSRP by July 2022. … With this article, we are providing you all the details about HSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicle 2022.

What is the cost of HSRP number plate in Delhi?

The HSRP price for a two-wheeler can be Rs 400; The price for four-wheelers can go up to Rs 1,100 depending on the category of the vehicle. If the vehicle already has HSRP then color-coded stickers can be installed for Rs 100.

The HSRP Delhi High-Security Number Plate is a special type of numberplate which is designed for vehicles that are old and have no documents to prove their ownership, such as vehicles that were inherited. The HSRP Delhi High-Security Number Plate can be used for any vehicle. It is designed to make sure that the vehicle has a unique number and that it can be tracked in the event of an emergency. The HSRP Delhi High-Security Number Plate is issued in accordance with the HSRP Delhi Vehicle Numbering Policy.

Is HSRP mandatory for UP vehicles in Delhi?

Yes, HSRP and color-coded fuel stickers are now very mandatory in Delhi and UP. It has become mandatory to carry HSRP number plates in Delhi with effect from 1st October 2020 in connection with the orders of the Delhi Government. If you will not register your vehicle for HSRP then you will have to fill out the challan.

How can I check my HSRP number plate in Delhi?

Order Number and Vehicle Reg Number, Check their HSRP Appointment Status using Captcha and then click on “Search” button. Thereafter the applicants can visit the assessment center on the scheduled date to levy HSRP on their vehicles.

The HSRP Delhi High-Security Number Plate is the ultimate solution to the problem of vehicle theft and hijacking. This unique solution has been designed and manufactured in India and is currently being used by a range of satisfied customers to protect their vehicles and keep them safe. The number plate is made of special materials and has been designed using advanced technology. It is completely tamper-proof so that no one can remove it without any tools.

What is the last date for HSRP number plate in Delhi?

The last date for HSRP registration for the city of Delhi is April.  You can make your vehicle much more secure with a High-Security Number Plate from HSRP Delhi. These plates are manufactured using the most advanced techniques and materials, so they can’t be tampered with or duplicated. When you have a High-Security Number Plate, you can feel confident that your vehicle and the valuables inside are secure.

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