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{NEW} 22 Carat Gold Rate in Delhi Today 2023

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Are you looking to buy gold today? If yes, then keep reading as we tell you the rate of gold in Delhi today. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. You need to know the price of gold in Delhi, the currency you have to pay in, and the place where you have to buy the gold. Read the 22-carat gold rate in Delhi today, 2023, thoroughly.

In Delhi today, the gold price is INR 46,300 for 22-karat gold and INR 50,510 for 24-karat gold. The gold price is expected to rise today, trading in the INR 46,300-INR 50,510 range for 22-carat gold and INR 50,510-INR 50,510 range for 24-carat gold, respectively. The bears will continue to hold sway in the near term; however, the bears are expected to face some resistance at the 200-day moving average level of 2382.00.

Gold is a tradable asset and is used as a store of value. It is one of the few assets that has stood the test of time. Gold has been used for many years as a currency, a form of payment, and a store of wealth. It is calculated in terms of grammes and troy ounces.

Our article today provides information about the price of gold in Delhi. You can find the price of gold today in Delhi at Bullion Street. We have also given today’s gold rate in Delhi to those who wish to buy precious metals. Today we will tell you about the price of gold in Delhi.

22-carat gold rate in Delhi today, 2023

The price of gold has been on a wild ride in recent weeks. The metal has risen and fallen rapidly, but it has also shown a lot of volatility. Gold has been a good hedge against the volatility of the stock market in recent years, and investors have flocked to it as a haven to protect their portfolios from the ups and downs of the market. The price of gold has risen significantly over the past year, and it is continuing to rise.

The gold price is an important indicator of the economic and financial health of a country. The price of gold is determined by global demand and supply, with changes in the market having an impact on the price of gold. The gold price is also used as an investment vehicle, with gold being used as an investment option in times of economic uncertainty. The gold price today in Delhi is also a good indicator of the performance of the Indian stock market.

Gold is a part of our lives. It is used in jewellery, coins, ornaments, and many other things. The value of a currency depends on the faith of the people behind it. So, the value of a currency is also decided by the faith of the people.

22 Carat Gold Rate in Delhi Today

Gram 22K Gold Price Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 4,870 + ₹ 30
8 grams ₹ 38,960 + ₹ 240
10 grams ₹ 48,700 + ₹ 300
100 grams ₹ 4,87,000 + ₹ 3,000

Gold Rate in Delhi for the Last 15 Days (10 g)

Date Pure Gold (24K) Standard Gold (22K)
23 November 2022 ₹ 52,800 ₹ 48,400
22 November 2022 ₹ 52,900 ₹ 48,500
21 November 2022 ₹ 53,070 ₹ 48,700
20 November 2022 ₹ 53,170 ₹ 48,800
19 November 2022 ₹ 53,170 ₹ 48,800
18 November 2022 ₹ 53,350 ₹ 48,900
17 November 2022 ₹ 53,350 ₹ 48,900
16 November 2022 ₹ 52,510 ₹ 48,150
15 November 2022 ₹ 52,300 ₹ 47,950
14 November 2022 ₹ 52,760 ₹ 48,360
13 November 2022 ₹ 52,760 ₹ 48,360
12 November 2022 ₹ 52,750 ₹ 48,350
11 November 2022 ₹ 52,360 ₹ 48,000
10 November 2022 ₹ 51,770 ₹ 47,460
09 November 2022 ₹ 51,770 ₹ 47,460

ReadGold Price Today Delhi 2022 Gold Rate In Delhi

Gold Rates in Delhi Throughout History

Gold Rates



The rate for October 1st



The rate for October 31st



the highest rate in October

Rs. 48,001 on October 6

Rs. 52,360 on October 6

the lowest rate in October

Rs. 46,350 on October 15

Rs. 50,550 on October 15

Overall effectiveness



% Change



Follow Various Gold Testing Methods in Delhi, 2023

The introduction of gold in the Indian market has led to a lot of excitement among Indians, who feel the yellow metal could offer them better returns and act as a hedge against the depreciating currency. One such way to test the market is through the gold testing industry in Delhi. Here are some of the popular gold testing methods in Delhi.

A century ago, the only way to test gold in India was to send it to the assay office in Mumbai. Today, with a thriving small-scale industry, it’s possible to find a number of independent gold testing laboratories scattered across the country. One such location is the Chanakyapuri Gold Testing Laboratory in Delhi, a part of the country where gold is particularly abundant. In this article, we look at the various methods of testing gold in Delhi and the results that each method produces.

Over the years, there have been many different ways to test for gold in Delhi. The most popular of these was the fire assay, which involved heating a small amount of the sample to be tested, usually a few grains, to different temperatures, which caused the gold to change colour. The gold was then weighed. The fire assay was accurate to within a percentage point or two and was the method of choice for testing small amounts of gold for jewellery or ornaments.

The yellow metal is one of the oldest commodities known to mankind. Gold has echoed throughout history, playing a crucial role in the evolution of human civilization. Today, gold is still used in many of the world’s greatest works of art, jewellery, and currency. It is also used in electronics, aerospace, and medicine.

What is the 22-carat gold price today?

In Delhi, one gram of gold costs Rs 4680.

What is the price of gold today in Delhi?

The current 22-karat gold price per gram in Delhi (INR) is

Gram 22-carat gold yesterday Price Variation Every Day
1 Gram Rs 4680.00 -2.183 %⌄
8 Gram Rs 37440 -2.183 %⌄
10 Gram Rs 46800 -2.183 %⌄
100 Gram Rs 468000 -2.183 %⌄

What is the price of gold today in Delhi?

In Delhi, a gramme of gold costs Rs 46800.

Why is gold the most expensive in Delhi?

Every item available in the market, including gold, attracts transportation costs.

What is the 22-karat gold price today?

If you are willing to know the 22-carat gold rate in Delhi today, in 2023, then the below-furnished table is meant for you only.

Weight (g) Per gram Per ounce
500g or more £39.08 £1215.52
101 – 500g £38.67 £1202.77
21 – 100g £37.03 £1151.76
0 – 20g £30.85 £959.54

What is the price of gold today?

The gold rate in India today is  49,970 per 10 grams for 24 karats and  45,770 for 22 karats. Follow the liveliest 24-karat gold rate in Delhi today.

Gram 24K Gold Price Price Variation Every Day
1 gram ₹ 4,997 – ₹ 14
8 grammes ₹ 39,976 – ₹ 112
10 grammes ₹ 49,970 – ₹ 140
100 grammes ₹ 4,99,700 – ₹ 1,400

Why is gold the most expensive in Delhi?

Want to know the 22-carat gold rate in Delhi today? The entire information from the table below follows the historical gold price in Delhi.

Months Lowest Price: 24 Karat Gold,   Per 10 Grams The most expensive metal is 24 Karat gold, which costs $ per 10 grams.
September 2021 46,870 48,390
August 2021 47,190 51,430
July 2021 47,920 51,710
June 2021 47,710 52,650

Which gold is best, 22K or 23K?

22-karat gold is the standard choice for this level of purity. 23-karat gold is a good choice for those who want high-purity jewelry. 23-karat gold sounds great and will hold its value over time.

What is the gold rate today in Delhi for 23-carat gold?

In Delhi, the price of hallmark 23-carat gold is 50,510.

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