{NEW} Top 10 Best Resorts Near Delhi 2022 For Perfect Weekend

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Top 10 Best Resorts Near Delhi 2022

Get to know Best Resorts Near Delhi 2022 For Perfect Weekend and weekend getaways near Delhi within 200 km from this article to roam during vacations

When we are tired after working for a whole month or weeks, then we definitely think that just pack the bags and get away somewhere where can get peace and some enjoyment.

if you are also among those who take such care of our self and in the meantime, you are willing to take time off from your work and give yourself time to go for a long walk with your friend or family, but till now you do not know which place is where we should go, then this article will definitely help you to know Best Resorts Near Delhi 2022 from where you could spend some of the quality time with yourself here you will know that which is the best resorts in Delhi 2022 where you should go and spend your vacation time.

Top 10 Best Resorts Near Delhi 2022

1. Surjivan Resort – Gurugram

If you are looking for the Best resort in Delhi where you can stay for 1 to 2 days, then this is the best resorts near Delhi for picnics and can be the best option for you, where you will enjoy all kinds of the latest necessary facilities. If you go out with your partner somewhere in Delhi, then these best resorts near Delhi NCR can prove to be very good and effective for you, where you can experience complete peace and enjoyment.

In the section below, we have mentioned some special things about this best resort in Delhi, which you must read once, this information is going to prove very good for you.

  • You can enjoy a meal in the best rural custom with seating on the floor and the food presented are typical Rajasthani dishes.
  • There are many such activities that you can participate in, such as Surjeevan Resort-like Villageware on Connector, Gun Shooting, Couplings, Zip Linings etc.
  • There are also some cultural events


Important Details

Location: Gurugram
Distance from Delhi: 29 km
Starting price: INR 5,177/-
Ideal for: Weekend getaways, friends, family


 2. Lohagarh Fort Resort – Kukas

If you are looking for the Best resort for a honeymoon or some special event in Delhi then Lohagarh Fort Resort can prove to be very good for you, where you will have all the latest facility also will able to do numerous activities like relaxing spa, various games, elephant safari tour etc.

Apart from all these facilities, you also get the facility of private swimming pool here, which is the most trending today, if you get such facilities that you are living a luxury life.

Lohagarh Fort Resort counts as of the best luxury resorts near Delhi Jaipur highway. To know more information here, you must follow the section below once, where we have described some of its features.

Best Features:

  • Exotic beach style pool
  • Well maintained gardens
  • Two restaurants
  • Moksha Spa & massage parlour


Important Information

  • Location: Kukas, Rajasthan
  • Distance from Delhi: 258 km
  • Starting price: INR 8,000/-
  • Ideal for: Weekend getaways, honeymoon couples, nature enthusiasts, family with kids


3. Heritage Village Resort & Spa – Manesar

Another one of the best resorts in near Delhi, we are bringing to our list which is near the highway of Delhi Jaipur and almost half an hour from Delhi International Airport.

With fully enriched with the latest facility at Heritage Village Resort & Spa – Manesar Is no less than a stately palace.

Staying here in this best resort in Delhi is nothing short of a dream where you will definitely have a feeling like a king or princess is suffering the secrets of a royal palace.

If you are thinking of walking around Delhi with your family or your friends or partner, then this place can prove to be very good for you t spend your valuable time here. It is one of the best heritage resorts near Delhi 2022.

Below we have given some information about this best resort in near Delhi, which you must read once, it is going to be very good for you if you are expressing your desire to go here.

Best Features:

  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Spa is very relaxing and rejuvenating
  • There is a swimming pool where you can enjoy a poolside party

Important Information

Location: Manesar
Distance from Delhi: 43 km
Starting price: INR 5,450/-
Ideal for: Honeymooners


4. ITC Grand Bharat – Gurugram

If you want to know which are the top resorts near Delhi 2022, where you can spend some of your free time, then you will definitely see this ITC Grand Bharat – Gurugram on that list, where you will get every type of facility that you feel in making it that You will be able to come to a place where there is more happiness and comfort than paradise.

If you are looking for the Best luxury resorts near Delhi 2022 then ITC Grand Bharat is the perfect One on that list to get all the latest facilities and comfort.

In the section below, we have mentioned about some special information of ITC Grand Bharat – Gurugram that you must see once and along with that we have given its contact information and the information of the address has also been told because there is too much important for you.

Best Features:

  • Spa & Wellness Center
  • Ayurvedic Detox and Healthcare Dishes
  • 27-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course

Important Information

Location: Gurugram
Distance from Delhi: 60 km
Starting price: INR 27,000/-
Ideal for: Family with kids, friends, honeymooners

5. Best Western Resort Country Club – Manesar

If you are tired of doing daily work and you want to have some rest and at the same time then you want to spend a good time where you can enjoy all the things for which you have been searching for many days.

Then this Best Western Resort Country Club – Manesar can prove to be very good and effective for you, this great resort near Delhi is just a few kilometres away from Delhi, so if you live anywhere around Delhi or Delhi then you will not have any trouble in reaching here.

Talk more about the luxury resort near the Delhi facility here, it will fascinate you and will force you to never leave this place.

If you have already decided that you must go to this luxury resort near Delhi once, then follow the information that we have given in the section below, and after that, you will get all the information clear here too.

Best Features:

  • Peacock and other birds seem to be chirping
  • Chilling out in the swimming pool
  • Various other sports activities
  • Food is really a plus at this place

Important Information

Location: Manesar
Distance from Delhi: 45 km
Starting price: INR 5,654/-
Ideal for: Weekend getaways

6. Botanix Nature Resort – Sohna

It is counted as one of the best resorts near Delhi NCR to have to spend a good time. As the name suggests, Botanix Nature Resort is also one of the best nature resorts near Delhi.

This Botanix Nature Resort located on the foothills of the Aravalli Hills, basking on the edge of Damdama Lake.

It is also considered as an adventure resort near Delhi which is very much near with Delhi, so if you want to spend some time on yourself and enjoy it a lot, then this Botanix Nature Resort – Sohna place will prove to be very good for you. Where you can enjoy all kinds of facilities well and will able to spend your holidays in a good way.

If you are willing to go here, then definitely see the section below, where you will get a lot of information.

Best Features:

  • Day trips are a fun activity for all age groups.
  • Go on experiential nature
  • Wrapping is another fun activity among many others

Important Information

Location: Sohna
Distance from Delhi: 51 km
Starting price: INR 7,016/-
Ideal for: Weekend getaways, picnics, friends, family

7.Aapno Ghar – Gurugram

The resort is located in Haryana of Gurugram not far from Delhi, you can easily reach here if you live anywhere around Delhi like this in Delhi.

At Aapno Ghar resort, you will enjoy lots of the latest facility as well as water parks and other play facilities for children are here which is very good and most parents and families are willing to come here.

Apart from this, there are also many couples who spend their holidays here with their partners, this place is also very good for the tourist, where every year Thousands of tourist comes to roam.

If you are also one of those who are thinking of coming here and want to spend their holidays, then check the section below, which can prove to be a store of information for you.

Best features:

  • It is one of the best weekend resorts near Delhi to enjoy a family vacation.
  • If you want to get your kids out for a special experience, the children’s playground on the property makes it an ideal space.


Important Information

Location: Gurugram
Distance from Delhi: 24 km
Starting price: INR 2,507/-
Ideal for: Weekend getaways

8.Karma Lakelands – Gurugram

Talking about a lot of top resort near Delhi, if we do not talk about this resort then it would be absolutely unfair because this resort is located in Gurugram near Delhi which offers all types of luxury service comfort, and peace on a silver plate.

Along with lots of good and luxury experiences, this is the best resort near Delhi gives you the opportunity to get all those new experiences as you have never done before and the atmosphere here because you will be fascinated.

So, if you have not yet become a part of this beautiful place, then definitely do wish to visit here, which can make your holiday even better and favourable, for this you will definitely have to follow the information given below. You will get information about some important things

Best Features: 

  • There are sports like squash, tennis, badminton and pool.
  • Perfect indoor and outdoor swimming pool
  • Relaxation Spa Therapy & Gym


Important Information

Location: Gurugram
Distance from Delhi: 53 km
Starting price: INR 5,580/-
Ideal for: Family, corporate outings


9.Aravali Resort – Dharuhera

If you are looking for a budget resort near Delhi, then your search seems to be complete here because Aravali Resort – Dharuhera is one of the very best and budget resort near Delhi, where you get all the latest facilities.

Talk about comfort and luxury life, then this best resort near Delhi makes you aware of all kinds of comfort and a luxury life that people are very much fond of these days and in their requirements.

So if you are looking for a place to spend your vacation where you can spend your valuable time which gets by spending less money than Aravali Resort – Dharuhera can be a nice option for you.

Keep an eye on the information below and read about Aravali Resort – Dharuhera so that you can get some more information that may be very important for you in the future.

Best Features:

  • A large outdoor garden pool
  • In-house microbrewery with live music and pubs
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the campus


Important Information

Location: Dharuhera
Distance from Delhi: 80 km
Starting price: INR 2,000/-
Ideal for: Family with kids, friends

10. The Lalit Mangar – Faridabad

If you are going somewhere to spend the week holidays and are thinking of finding a place where you can reduce your work stress and spend a good time having a luxury time with your friends or with your partner, then this The Lalit Mangar – Faridabad place can be very good for you, where you will get all kinds of luxury facilities whether it is a gym, a swing pool or any other type of latest facility.

The Lalit Mangar – Faridabad is counted among the top weekend resorts near Delhi which are located in Faridabad, Haryana, not far from Delhi.

It can also be called the resorts Five Star resorts near Delhi, where every kind of natural and luxury environment is available, here the tree plants which are spread in a very big place shows the natural bit here. Means attract everyone’s mind and this is the speciality here, whoever comes here once does not wish to go back home.

Apart from its unrivalled natural setting, people can indulge in activities such as rock climbing, sunbathing, village tours, rappelling, cycling, planned picnic, and time reversion spa.

If you also want to be a part of this magnificent resort near Delhi, then take advantage of the information given below and reach here as soon as possible and enjoy this place to the fullest.

Best Features:

  • It is a perfect retreat for adventurous souls
  • This makes for a great place to get a weekend away from the clutter of the city
  • It has all the necessary resources to make your family picnic more fun and enjoyable.


Important Information of 


Location: Faridabad
Distance from Delhi: 55 km
Starting price: INR 20,000/-
Ideal for: Weekend getaways, honeymooners

11. The Taj Gateway Resort – Damdama Lake


Nestled in the Aravalli hills and spread over an enormous area of about 20 acres, The Taj is a handsome resort property perfect for travellers looking for a blend of nature and luxury. The lavish property has massive huge designated banquet spaces (ballrooms & banquet lawns designed for all kinds of family and corporate functions), an ultra-fashionable ambience and decor, a huge pool, a playground area for the little ones, and seemingly endless lawns. The Taj Gateway Damdama Lake is one of the best resorts near Delhi NCR and is located only 45 km from Delhi’s IGI Airport.


This resort is one of the best resort near Delhi, which is spread over an area of ​​about 20 acres, it is a beautiful bridge road where every kind of natural and luxury facility can be obtained. There is a good way where thousands of people come to visit and enjoy here.

if talk about the facility of the resort, then here you will get all the latest facilities which attract every individual such as Ultra fashionable surroundings and décor, a huge pool, playground for the little ones and seemingly endless lawns and many more.

If you have not been able to become a part of this beautiful place yet, then do not miss this opportunity at all and take advantage of this opportunity soon and try to go here and spend your holidays well. To know the information below.

Best Features:

  • The surroundings make it the perfect venue for a pre-wedding shoot!
  • It is a hit among honeymooners due to its secluded location and natural surroundings.


Important Information

Location: Damdama Lake
Distance from Delhi: 63 km
Starting price: INR 10,637/-
Ideal for: Events, honeymooners, family with kids


12. The Westin Sohna Resort – Sohna

This resort enhances the holiday experience even more and this is why it is counted in One of the best resort near Delhi, this resort is fed with lots of lush green trees, plants and water springs, that’s why just seeing its beauty more.

If you are tired of working every day and want to go to a place where you can relax yourself and make a connection with the natural beauty, then this place proves very good for you. May be, which is not far from Delhi, here you can reach by bus train or even by your car.

If you want to know here, then please see the information given below, which will be very helpful for you to reach here and get information about here.


Best Features of Weekend getaways near delhi within 200 km

  • The elaborate spa has a range of treatments including Thai, Balinese, Chinese and Ayurveda massages.
  • Children can have a lot of fun at the children’s pool and the Westin Kids Club
  • Retail medical shops at designer and lifestyle products


Important Information

Location: Sohna
Distance from Delhi: 64 km
Starting price: INR 9,673/-
Ideal for: Weekend getaway, nature lovers, honeymooners, families


13. Hans Resort – Rewari

If you are tired of meeting in the office and want to get a good environment where you can make your busy and stressful life a little better, then this resort can prove to be very good for you, which is Delhi It is not far from where you will not have to face many problems to reach here, you can reach here by bus train or by your vehicle.

Here are the world-class conference centres where you can easily talk about your business, as well as the environment here is very good and full of natural beauty, which makes every person feel relaxed.

And if you talk about the facility here, then here you are given the facility in all kinds of luxury and comfort that is why it is considered the best and best resort in near Delhi.


Best Features of this Weekend getaways near delhi within 200 km 

  • World-class conference centre is the most popular attraction of this place which serves as a destination for holding business conferences, training programs and seminars
  • A well-appointed bar, stocked with Indian imported liquor
  • Multifood meal options


Important Information

Location: Rewari
Distance from Delhi: 84 km
Starting price: INR 2,452/-
Ideal for: Corporate outings, honeymooners, family, friends


14. Jaypee Greens Golf And Spa Resort – Greater Noida


The resort of Greater Noida provides you with all the latest and luxury facilities that you would not have seen in your dream, not only to play golf here but also there are many such luxury facilities here that will fascinate you.

Modern decor rooms with all amenities of Jaypee Greens Golf And Spa Resort – Greater Noida make your stay more comfortable with a comfortable outdoor pool, hot tub and a soothing spa regime.

People come from far and wide to taste the international cuisine here because it is very good and tasty, as well as the luxury facility is famous all around Delhi and outer of Delhi and this is what makes this resort the best resort near Delhi.

Best features of this Weekend getaways near delhi within 200 km 

  • The property has an 18-hole golf course specifically designed by Greg Norman.
  • The resort has a tennis court and squash and even a workout site.

Important Information

Location: Greater Noida
Distance from Delhi: 46 km
Starting price: INR 9,600/-
Ideal for: Weekend getaways, staying in the city for a night


15. The Roseate – Samalka

As far as your eyes can see, you will see greenery, and people come from far and wide to see the beauty of the natural beauty and the people here love it, which makes it different from others.

Apart from the natural beauty, here is also the arrangement of all the luxury facilities which is very important for a common citizen and everything you are going to get here is what you need here or which is not needed. You will also get to see it here.

If you are a couple and are planning to come here, then this place will be transformed into a beautiful place for you and it is going to be very much liked by you and if you are a partner and looking for a honeymoon place If you are doing this place will prove to be very useful for you.

If you go here, do not forget to swim pools here again, because the enjoyment of the swimming pool here will be completely different from other swimming pools.

It is undoubtedly one of the most amazing resorts near Delhi in 2022

So if you were looking for such a Best resort near Delhi, where you can spend your good time, then this place can prove to be very good for you. If you want to come here, they also get the information below which will prove very effective to know about The Roseate – Samalka.


Best features OF THIS Weekend getaways near Delhi within 200 km 

  • The Roseate – Samalka offers facilities such as trekking, yoga, and a fitness center that guests really like.
  • In-house restaurants offer hearty meals of superb origin. Highly recommended for all types of travelers.


Important Information

Location: Samalka
Distance from Delhi: 30 km
Starting price: INR 10,892/-
Ideal for: Honeymooning, Couple’s getaway

Final Words!!!

If you have read this article till then, it means that you are looking for the Best Resorts Near Delhi 2022 where you can spend your holiday, then if you have read it till end, then you must have clear this information.

You must have been aware that what will be Best Resorts Near Delhi 2022 where you can spend your quality time.

If you have any questions after reading this article or if you want to ask something, then you can comment us below We will definitely try to reply.

Remains with us and also bookmark this website so that more information ABOUT BEST DELHI of this kind continues gets you regularly.


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