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{NEW} Top 10 Best Delhi Restaurants 2022 Best Hotel In Delhi

Best Delhi Restaurants 2021

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Best Delhi Restaurants 2022

If you were seeking Best Delhi Restaurants 2022 and unable to get proper knowledge that which is the Best Delhi Restaurants 2022 then this article can be the one destination for all of them.

Delhi is probably the biggest place in the world where one can get a variety of food and this is the reason that people come from far away and enjoy eating here.

There are many types of restaurants to see here. You will get the taste of those people, where the same type of restaurants can be found, whether it is a Chinese eater, whether it is a South Indian eater or any other type of food, all those restaurants will be found here.

But a lot of people have a problem as to what are the best restaurants in Delhi in 2022 and that is why they keep doing most of the straggling, they still do not know about this,

But if you have come to this article, then here you have the whole You are going to know which are the best restaurants in Delhi, where you can enjoy your favourite food.

Best Delhi Restaurants 2021 Best Hotel In Delhi

Best Delhi Restaurants 2022


1. Bukhara

If you are seeking Best Delhi restaurants in Delhi 2022 to have Indian food then Bukhara can be one of the best options for you,

As we are Indian, so many of us like to have Indian mother authentic food and in terms of seeing this factor, we have brought these restaurants to our first list.

Bukhara proves to be, without a doubt, the mother of all authentic Indian food experiences. The signature (and massive) hot naans and malai kebabs join the slow-cooked dal Bukhara in taking your palate on a journey that will delight you. You’re also encouraged to eat with your hands within the earthy and rustic interiors. Pro tip: make a reservation.

Bukhara Restaurants is cunts as one of the mothers of all authentic Indian food which offers more delirious Indian food in Delhi. The signature of Bukhara is hot naan and malai kebabs join the slow-cooked dal bukhara that will take your palate on a journey.

If You wish to have India authentic food then you must visit at this destination once we have provided a complete list to reach this Best Delhi Restaurants 2022 below.

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2. Karim’s

If likes to have Mughlai food in Delhi then Karim’s Restaurants can be the one of the finest one for you to have delicious Mughlai food.

This Restaurant was established in the year 1913 which is counts as one of the oldest one in Delhi also counts as one of the famous ones for Mughlai Domains.

In order to reach out to this place, then jump away from the Jama masjid and have your desired food destination.

Tips: if you have decided to visit Karim’s Restaurant then don’t miss its famous mutton bara and brain curry.

We have provided complete address information in the below section.


3. Sagar Ratna

Sagar Ratna is one of the famous and leading one-stop destinations for those who wish to have south Indian food.

Most of the vegetarian food would be available at Sagar Ratna which is known as the X-Factor of this Restaurants because most the Restaurants offers both kings of food which don’t like by the peoples who are pure belongs to the vegetarian categories.

To have perfectly crispy, paper-thin mini idlis, stuffed Dosas you have to visit out at this destination to get the finest experience

Tips: If you ever visit this place then one tip which would like to give that do not miss out is South Indian coffee, offered in a funky steel glass.


4. Indian Accent

One of the best and leading Vegetarian Restaurants which we are including this Top 10 Best Delhi Restaurants 2022 list which is one of the famous ones around Delhi.

The unique fusion menu created by Manish Mehrotra’s included blue cheese naan and chicken tikka meatballs likes by every one.

If you wish to reach the destination then you have to visit out at swanky Lodhi Hotel, it also boasts locations in New York and London.

Tips: If you are willing to have Indian Accent food then, we would like to suggest that you must try to have the chef’s six-course tasting menu—each one comes paired with a wine selection.


5. Wasabi by Morimoto

Ohho, Japannese Food in Delhi! Yes, it is true,

If you are looking a destination to have Japanese food in Delhi then Wasabi by Morimoto is one-stop destination is located inside the Raj Majhal Hotel Delhi.

Wasabi by Morimoto, helmed by ex-Nobu chef Masaharu Morimoto offers delicious Japanese food, curated of delectable sushi alongside epic teppanyaki grill dishes.

This is one of the destinations to coming back!

6. Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen is one of the leading Restaurants which is located in One Style, 8, Kalka Das Marg, Seth Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi. This is one of the famous restaurants in Delhi where you will able to get all kind of food at an affordable price.

This is the first white-walled restaurant which is founded by restaurateur couple AD and Sabina Singh, in the month of November 2000.

If You are seeking the best Delhi Restaurants 2022 then this one is one of the best for you. Follow out the official contact details in the below section.

Address: Mile 6, One Style, 8, Kalka Das Marg, Seth Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030


7. Pluck

It is one of the very good and famous restaurants in Delhi, where you will get all kinds of food products with fresh materials.

Organic substances are mostly used in this restaurant, according to the commitment of this restaurant, no such useless and inferior food is made here that spoils health, this restaurant takes care of very few people over health. And for this reason, they are being known as Popular Restaurants in Delhi.

All the food items that are prepared here are first checked thoroughly and then they are washed thoroughly and only after that they are made in a hygienic manner.

By this thing, it can be found out how much these restaurants are It takes care of the help of more people and this is what makes this restaurant so great that it is so big that today it is one of the best and famous restaurants in Delhi.

If you are among those who are very health conscious and care more about their health and think of eating good food in the same way, then this restaurant can prove to be good for you, where you must go once.

8. Artusi Ristorante

If you are fond of eating Italian food and are looking for a similar Best restaurant in Delhi, then after searching for this restaurant, you will get a complete search because it is the best and famous Italian food restaurant in Delhi which provides all types of food in an affordable range.

This restaurant is located in Greater Kailash second, so you have not yet tasted the food of this restaurant, then you should do it soon because it is one of the best and best Italian food restaurants in Delhi where people from different places always come and enjoy the taste of the food here, and then you should also not stay behind in it.


9. Baoshuan

Baoshuan is occupying the rooftop of one of the famous Oberoi hotel, which has garnered a name for itself on the Delhi restaurant scene. It is created by acclaimed chef, Andrew Wong (from London’s Michelin-starred A. Wong), Baoshuan’s food is inspired by China and its 14 bordering nations.

Taking each dinner on a culinary journey, the menu highlights historical ingredients and techniques used in Chinese cuisine, which have evolved over 4000 years which makes this Baoshuan more special.

Andrew Wong’s menu specializes in handcrafted dim sum and small sharing plates, as is the Chinese tradition. In addition to a vast array of culinary treats, Baoshaun Hotel also offers an impressive cocktail menu with a variety of interesting flavor combinations, such as Sichuan tincture, kumquat, and cardamom oil.

If you have not be a part of this destination then you must visit here once. We have provided a contact list from the below section.

Address: The Oberoi, Dr Zakir Hussain Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
Phone: 011 2430 4370

10. Bade Mian ki Kheer (Old Kheer Shop)

By the way, there are many shops in Delhi, where good dishes and kheer are available, but let’s talk about this Bade Mian ki Kheer which is also known as Old Kheer Shop which has a different image in terms to eating kheer, this shop is located in the middle of Delhi, which we also called old Delhi.

You can know and people say that everyone likes Kheer of this shop and most of the young people who come with couples when they share it with each other, their love increases even more. The shop is one of the most famous shops today, where it is found in basic kheer only which is very famous.

When we tried to talk to the owner of this shop, whose name is Jamaluddin Siddiqui said that you take kheer – creamy, soft, and ground with the scent of cardamom – a dish that has lived in the old city for centuries. Is and represents Delhi resting on its best food.

If you haven’t visited here ever then you must visit once to taste its delicious kheer which you definably loved.


Final Words

We hope that you have read this entire article and if you have read it, then you must have been completely clear about which best restaurant is located in Delhi and how much better and effective it can be for you. If you liked this article and if you are interested to know more about this type of information, then stay with us like this, along with this, you should definitely book this website so that whatever information is coming in future on this website, that will get you to reach easily.


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