{NEW} Top 10 Best Delhi Famous Food Places 2023
Best DelhiRestaurants

{NEW} Top 10 Best Delhi Famous Food Places 2023

Delhi Famous Food Places

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What is the famous food of Delhi?

Where is best street food in Delhi?

Where can I eat in Delhi?

How can I eat cheap in Delhi?

Which is the best place for street food in Delhi?

What is famous sweet in Delhi?

What is famous in Delhi to buy?

Perhaps similar questions are running through your mind as you are seeing above about Delhi’s Famous Food Places, but if you want to know the answer to these questions, then you have to read the complete information below, which is very effective in answering your questions.

Delhi is the capital of the country and is famous for many things, but the food of Delhi is one of them for which everyone is crazy because at every street intersection of Delhi, you will find some hawkers or Some shop will be visible where you will get delicious food and that is why most of the food lovers keep on coming here and they like Delhi very much just because of this, if you are new in Delhi then you must definitely face Problems to k

This article contains complete information about famous food in Delhi, where you can have your desired food at an affordable price, so you must read the article completely to get all the information about Delhi’s Famous Food Places 2023.

Top 10 Best Delhi Famous Food Places 2023

Top 10 Best Delhi Famous Food Places 2023


#1 South Campus: Wonderful Food Corner

Do you want to learn about famous restaurants in Delhi? South Campus in Delhi is the most congested area, which is very famous due to Delhi University, and you are going to like the food here very much. If you want to satisfy your hunger by visiting the prestigious places to eat in Delhi with friends, then Satya Niketan, aka South Campus, is the place to be.

Here you will find many famous Khans who belong to different categories like Italian, American, Cafe, Chinese, North Indian Grill, Fast Food & Shakes, etc.

If you want to reach this place, then we have given details below, and you can easily reach here.

  • How to get there: Take an autorickshaw from the metro station.
  • Nearest Metro station: Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus metro station

#2 North Campus: Best Delicious Food In Delhi Place

If you are a newcomer to Delhi and are looking for a restaurant where you can satisfy your hunger and enjoy delicious and delicious food, then this is the place for you.

North Campus is known as one of the best places to eat in Delhi, where you won’t be disappointed in terms of getting delicious food.

When we think of famous restaurants in Delhi, fast food, multi-cuisine restaurants, street food, and snacking joints come to mind first.

Here you will find many such famous food shops where you can taste great food; the names of some of them are as follows: Chache Di Hatti, Shagun Asian Eatery, Momo’s Point, Bille Di Hatti, Bamboo Hut, South Indian Café, etc.

The fast food here is well-known, so if you come here, you will undoubtedly taste them. To get here, you have provided us with the address below, which you can easily reach and enjoy the delicious food.

  • How to reach: Take a battery rickshaw or the university feeder from the DU metro station
  • Delhi University metro station is the closest metro station.


#3 Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar: Budget food family restaurants in Delhi

If you’re looking for the best family restaurants in Delhi, Hudson Lane in GTB Nagar is a good place to start. All types of Fast Food, American, Chinese, Cafe, Italian, and North Indian cuisine are available at this one-stop destination.

If you are going to visit Delhi with your family and are looking for a good restaurant to eat at, then this list of famous food places in Delhi can prove to be very good and effective for you, where you will get your favorite food along with cleanliness. Special care will also be taken, which is critical in this day and age.

  • How to get there: Cafes are within walking distance.
  • GTB Nagar metro station is the closest metro station.

#4 Pandara Road: Indian Delhi famous food Place

This is considered one of the best food places in Delhi, located near India Gate. If you are constantly looking for the best places to eat in Delhi but are unable to find any, Pandara Road Delhi Famous Food Places 2023 may be the best place for you to eat all types of food, such as North Indian Grill, Pan Asian, North Indian, Chinese, Multi-Cuisine, and Sweets, among others.

This place can be very good for you if you want to overcome your hunger and eat good and delicious food. If you want to get here, we have provided directions below that you can use to get here.

  • To get there, take an autorickshaw from Khan Market.
  • Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market Metro Station

#5 Jama Masjid: For Non-Veg Food Lovers

This Delhi area is known for having the best non-vegetarian street food in Delhi, with keema samosas, grilled botis, kebabs, and jalebis available for non-vegetarian lovers.

There will not be any non-vegetarian lovers left in Delhi who have not yet gone to these best eating places in Delhi. If you are one of them, then we have given you the address to go here.

  • How to reach: Walking distance from the metro station
  • Nearest Metro station: Jama Masjid

#6 Dhabas opposite IIFT: Try Hot Parathas

Do you love to have paranthas? Then this Laxman Fast Food location can be your one-stop shop for hot parathas in a variety of categories, including vegetarian and nonvegetarian; you can also get North Indian, Tea & Coffee, Chinese, and Fast Food from here.

So, if you were constantly looking for good places to eat in Delhi in 2023, come here once for some delicious food.

We have provided the address to reach Delhi’s Famous Food Places by 2023 in the section below, so you can easily get here by following:

  • How to get there: You can either take an autorickshaw or walk down from the metro station.
  • Nearest metro station: IIT metro station

#7 Nizamuddin: Have Tasty Kebabs

The oldest and most iconic place in Delhi where you can easily taste any kind of non-vegetarian food, so if you are thinking of eating non-vegetarian food in Delhi but do not know where to find the best non-vegetarian street food in Delhi, then this place is for you.

Here you are going to get a lot of famous restaurants in Delhi on every nook and corner, which provide everything from delicious kebabs to sweets to Mughlai delicacies.

Every foodie must visit this place; if you are one of them, then why are you waiting?

The address of this Delhi Famous Food Places 2023 is listed below; by following it, you can easily get here and enjoy the delicious food.

#8 Connaught Place: Have all kinds Of Delicious Food

Connaught Place is the heart of Delhi, and for this reason, this place does not do any two-way discrimination for anyone. You will get all kinds of food here, from fancy restaurants to a crossroads food shop and iconic dhabas.

There will be a separate shop for everything, so if you are fond of eating food and want to enjoy eating delicious food, then choose this Delhi Famous Food Places 2023 one-stop destination to have categories of food.


#9 Safdarjung Enclave & SDA Market: Best Indian Delhi Famous Food Corner

Safdarganj is the most congested area of Delhi, and that is why you will find many categories of food here, no matter whether we talk about Chinese, Multi-Cuisine, North Indian, Tandoori Grill, Chinese, Cafes, or Street Food. So, if you’re looking for the best eating places in Delhi, this could be your one-stop shop for all types of cuisine.

If you have never been to Safdarjung Enclave or SDA Market, we have provided complete directions in the section below.

  • How to get there:  walk down from Hauz Khas metro station to SDA Market, and to reach Safdarjung Enclave, take an autorickshaw from Green Park metro station.
  • Nearest Metro station: Hauz Khas Metro Station or Green Park Metro Station


#10 Karol Bagh: Pamper Your Inner Foodie

If you can’t find any famous food places in Delhi and want to know the cheapest and best places to eat in Delhi, Karol Bagh can be your destination for food of various varieties, such as Punjabi, Cafe, Bakery, South Indian, Street Food, North Indian, Multi-Cuisine, and so on.

From street food to dhabas and fancy restaurants in Delhi, every category is available in one place. So, without further ado, put this visit on your calendar and try to make it as soon as possible.

In the below section, we have given complete information on how to be a part of these iconic places to eat in Delhi with friends in 2023. Let’s have a look at them.


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Final words!

I hope the above information will be very helpful for you, and through this, you will be able to identify which is the best food place in Delhi where you would like to eat and go. In order to get information about Delhi’s famous food places, stay with us and bookmark this website so that you can get more information in the future.


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