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Where Is Gole Market In Delhi – Best Guide to acknowledge

 Gole Market is a must-visit place when one is in New Delhi, India. It is located in the heart of the city, near Connaught Place and has a unique circular architecture that makes it stand out from the rest. The market is an important historical landmark as it has been around for more than a century and is known for the variety of items it offers. From clothes and jewelry to books and electronics, Gole Market is a one-stop destination for everything.

Gole Market is a bustling market full of shops and vendors located in the centre of New Delhi. It derives its name from its circular shape resembling a gole or a wheel, hence the name Gole Market. It is situated in the vicinity of Connaught Place which serves as the commercial hub of the city. The market’s unique circular layout gives it a distinct charm and makes it a popular tourist destination.

What is Gole Market famous for?

Gole Market is an architectural wonder situated near the famous Connaught Place in the heart of New Delhi, India. It is an iconic symbol of the city due to its distinct circular architecture. Inside the market, one can find many shops and vendors selling a wide range of goods ranging from apparel and jewellery to electronics and souvenirs. The market also houses a variety of eateries, serving up delicious local delicacies.

Gole Market is renowned for its circular architectural design and has been a popular destination for locals and tourists alike since its opening in the early 1920s. The market consists of a two-story building that surrounds a central court, with numerous shops lining the walkway that circles the court. The market was originally constructed with an emphasis on retail and wholesale businesses, but it has since been transformed into an all-encompassing shopping destination, with restaurants, clothing stores, and even a movie theatre.

Is gole market open on sunday?

Yes, it is open Sunday:- 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.


Gole Market is a historical market in New Delhi, India near Connaught Place. It is known for its unique circular architecture, and its long history. While the market was built over 90 years ago, it still remains a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. A popular tourist attraction, the market sells a variety of items from clothes to jewellery to antiques and more.

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