{NEW} Covid fine in Delhi 2022: Over 18,500 people fined in Delhi in last 5 days for Covid-19 norm violation – BestDelhi.

{NEW} Covid fine in Delhi 2022: Over 18,500 people fined in Delhi in last 5 days for Covid-19 norm violation

Covid fine in Delhi 2021

Covid fine in Delhi 2022


In view of the increasing danger of coronavirus, the government has also increased and according to a survey, if we tell you, in three days, about three crores 18 lakh rupees have been deposited. Through this fine, it can be guessed that coronavirus The danger of the virus is not at all within the people, they are ignoring this way and are not taking care of the government and the government at all and this is the reason why the danger is increasing among us and the governments to fail to stop it.

If we talk about the violation of coronavirus, then it is being done in Delhi and NCR in the highest amount. Coronavirus is being violated in the North and South areas of Delhi, and people have completely destroyed its house. While the government is repeatedly insisting that you take care of it because the coronavirus can also come back and the danger may fall on us again, despite this people do not care at all and for this reason, such as We have mentioned above that in 5 days, an amount of about Rs. 2 million has been recovered as a find, it can be guessed that people have ended up like this.

The report on enforcement actions for strict implementation of Covid-19-appropriate behaviour has been compiled on the basis of data received from 11 revenue districts pertaining to action taken from March 25 to 29.

According to the ordered of The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) there will be no public celebrations in the national capital on March 29 on account of Holi and Shab-e-Barat.
 But after that peoples are not aware at all for covid -19
The number of people penalised on March 25 was 4,018, followed by 3,877 the next day, 4,034 on March 27, 3,834 on March 28 and 2,758 on March 29, it added.
A total of 1,413 challans were issued in the Central district, followed by 2,577 in New Delhi district, 3,229 in North district, 941 in North East district, 1,209 in North West district, 1,413 in South district, 1,489 in South-East district, 1,961 in South West district, 1,913 in Shahadra district, 809 in East district and 1,559 in West district, the data stated.
Delhi recorded 1,904 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, the highest in around three and a half months. On Tuesday, the city registered 992 new infections.
The Covid-19 caseload in Delhi on January 1 was over 6.25 lakh and the count of fatalities stood at 10,557.
As we know that November-December January even till February was not as much as coronavirus, coronavirus was running among very few people, it was being clear that by the time of 2022 it would be The epidemic can be eradicated completely, but according to the way people have broken the laws, the virus has started to grow again rapidly and this is the reason that awareness is being spread among the people but there is no visible benefit of it. People are ready to pay a fine but nothing is following the rules of law to avoid coronavirus.
In this context, even Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal has said that if the fear of Coronavirus is eradicated among the people, then it is sure to fall and how it will spread so fast that it will be impossible to stop there. Health Minister has also announced to increase bags in hospitals, he has said that studies should be done sitting in ICU and elsewhere so that if there is a high risk of coronavirus, then there will be no further problem there as well as Health Minister Wake up against Coronavirus only when it spread awareness so that people kept following it.


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